Gavin Rossdale Did NOT Want To Divorce Gwen Stefani...!
PerezHilton 1485157441

Anna Kendrick and Her Pitch Perfect 3 Co-Stars Cheer
on Atlanta Falcons at Star-Studded Football Game

E!Online 1485156256

Everybody's Gawking at This Fan's Cleavage
from the Atlanta Hawks Game

TheBlemish 1485155553

Madonna Clarifies Comments Made at Women's March About Blowing
Up the White House: ''I am Not a Violent Person''

E!Online 1485155061

OMG! The Merriam-Webster Dictionary Just Completely
Destroyed Kellyanne Conway!

PerezHilton 1485153768

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett "Freaked Out"
Over Hugh Hefner Death Hoax

E!Online 1485153271

Open Post: Hosted By Sir Ian McKellen's
Sign At The Women's March

DListed 1485152097

Luke Bryan to Sing the National Anthem at 2017 Super Bowl

E!Online 1485150849

Hey Justin, Do You Like The Weeknd's Music?
PerezHilton 1485150178

Don't Let The Door Hit You In The Ass On
The Way Out, Stacey Dash

PerezHilton 1485148866

A Skeptic's Firsthand Account of Meditating Like the Celebs

E!Online 1485147764

Gavin Rossdale Talks Moving on After Gwen Stefani
Divorce: "I Still Think She's Incredible"

E!Online 1485146622

Girl Power -- Peta Murgatroyd Uplifts Women Of All Sizes
With Inspirational Post-Baby Body Message!

PerezHilton 1485146520

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander Talk Wedding Plans—and
Plan to Party A Lot Before the Big Day

E!Online 1485144883

Donald Trump's Inauguration Cake Was Copied
From Obama's On Purpose

DListed 1485144776

Read This Quote -- Read Every. Single. Word.
PerezHilton 1485142956

Justin Bieber Thinks The Weeknd's Music Is “Wack”
DListed 1485141258

Keke Palmer Is Accusing Trey Songz Of 'Sexual Intimidation'
-- And His Response Is PATHETIC

PerezHilton 1485140585

Kendall Jenner & A$AP Rocky Reunite in Paris

E!Online 1485140566

Gwen Stefani Joins Blake Shelton Onstage for
Surprise Performance in Mexico

E!Online 1485138243

Watch Kellyanne Conway Excuse Donald Trump's Blatant
Crowd Size Lies As 'Alternative Facts'

PerezHilton 1485138139

Hot Slut Of The Day!
DListed 1485137545

CNN Didn't Censor Madge's F-Bombs At The Women's March
DListed 1485137537

Awful Day For Major League Baseball -- Two Players
Killed In Separate Car Accidents

PerezHilton 1485135739

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander Talk Wedding Plans
E!Online 1485135703

Size Matters -- Saturday Night Live Blasts Donald Trump's Phony Crowd Numbers And More In Amazing Cold Open! Watch!!
PerezHilton 1485134513

Laura Prepon Opens Up About Her Engagement to Ben Foster:
''We Want a Really Small Wedding''

E!Online 1485134077

The Evolution Of Jennifer Lopez's Sexy Six-Pack Abs!
PerezHilton 1485133411

Donald Trump Claps Back At Protesters In A Series
Of Early Morning Tweets -- Uh-Oh!

PerezHilton 1485132193

Laura Prepon Shows Off Her Engagement Ring
E!Online 1485132170

Zayn & Gigi Should Elope!
PerezHilton 1485132074

Louis Tomlinson & Ex Briana Jungwirth Celebrate
Son Freddie's 1st Birthday Together

E!Online 1485130419

How Michelle Williams Has Meticulously Kept Daughter Matilda's
Life Private Since Heath Ledger's Death 9 Years Ago

E!Online 1485129836

Demi Lovato Supports Rumored Boyfriend Guilherme ''Bomba''
Vasconcelos at MMA Fight: All the Exclusive Details!

E!Online 1485126800

The Royals
E!Online 1485126741

This Week In Celebrity Twitpics & Instagrams!
PerezHilton 1485126125

Listen To This: Holding On So Tight
PerezHilton 1485124999

The Women's March took over the world & it was pretty amazing
CeleBitchy 1485122115

Emperor Baby Fists' inaugural crowd was the
opposite of bigly & he's so mad

CeleBitchy 1485122013

Permanent Link to Ivanka Trump & More Who Prove Your
Post-Baby Body Can Be Better Than Ever

HollywoodLife 1485121359

How did Aziz Ansari do hosting the first
SNL under Emperor Baby Fists?

CeleBitchy 1485120918

Malia Obama will reportedly have an internship
with Harvey Weinstein this year

CeleBitchy 1485120780

Birthday Sluts
DListed 1485119688

Kendra Wilkinson Spills on Valentine's Day Plans
E!Online 1485093261

Kendra Wilkinson Gives Update on Hugh Hefner
E!Online 1485092484

America Ferrera Reunites With Ugly Betty Co-Stars
at Women's March on Washington D.C.

E!Online 1485089674

KeKe Palmer Accuses Trey Songz of ''Sexual Intimidation'' After She Allegedly Didn't Authorize Her Cameo in a Music Video

E!Online 1485087200

Can We Guess Which Disney Princess You Are
Based on the Words You Use?

Zimbio 1485083670

Anwar Hadid Makes Relationship With Nicola Peltz Instagram
Official With Sweet, PDA-Filled Picture

E!Online 1485079474

Peta Murgatroyd Returns to the Gym 2 Weeks After
Giving Birth and Shares New Photo

E!Online 1485076921

Lisa Vanderpump Shows Off Her Massive Shoe Collection
E!Online 1485076349

Kaia Gerber Is Making a Name for Herself
E!Online 1485075892

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Are Relationship Goals
E!Online 1485075726

Yet ANOTHER City Full Of 'Nasty Women' -- Look At These Pics
From Today's Women's March On Denver!

PerezHilton 1485075721

Protest Is Patriotic! Look At These Pictures From
Today's Women's March In Los Angeles!

PerezHilton 1485072207

Here Is A Real Quote From Donald Trump's White House Team: 'This Was The Largest Audience To Ever Witness An Inauguration, Period'
PerezHilton 1485069761

Ashley Judd's Speech At The Women's March On Washington

PerezHilton 1485068570

Kendall Jenner Braves the Paris Cold in Star-Shaped
Nipple Pasties and Sheer Blouse

E!Online 1485067999

Justin Bieber Not a Fan of Music by The Weeknd,
Selena Gomez's New Beau

E!Online 1485067437

Pink and Carey Hart Make Women's March a Family Affair With
Their 5-Year-Old Daughter and Newborn Baby

E!Online 1485067373

If People In Freakin' Antarctica Are Protesting On Day
One Of Your Presidency, You Might Be An Asshole

PerezHilton 1485066285

Open Post: Hosted By 7-Eleven's Gravy-Soaked Breakfast Pizza
DListed 1485065641

Hmmm... Where Have We Seen Donald Trump's
Inauguration Cake Before???

PerezHilton 1485063677

Kate Hudson's Brother Joked About Her Dating Brad Pitt
DListed 1485062006

TV Ratings For Donald Trump's Inauguration Were Tiny!
Low Energy President! No Viewers -- Sad!

PerezHilton 1485061483

Jason Segel & Rooney Mara Talk Acting With Robert Redford
E!Online 1485061474

Riley Keough Talks Second Wedding Anniversary
E!Online 1485061338

Women's March Draws Scarlett Johansson, America
Ferrera and More to Washington

E!Online 1485060789

Watch Madonna Say 'Fuck You' On Live TV At The
Women's March On Washington!

PerezHilton 1485058934

Bella Hadid Misses The Weeknd
DListed 1485058522

Piers Morgan: Still Awful
PerezHilton 1485056650

Julianne Hough & Derek Hough Dress Up Like La La Land
Couple at Nina Dobrev's Birthday Party

E!Online 1485056542

Uma Thurman's Custody Battle Got Uglier
DListed 1485054827

Donald Trump's Inauguration Day Speech Lacked
This One HUGE Piece!!

PerezHilton 1485054078

Kristen Stewart Felt Donald Trump Tweeting About
Her In 2012 Was “Insane”

DListed 1485052510

Hot Slut Of The Day!
DListed 1485052490

Girl Power! Look At All These Celebs Attending
The Women's March On Washington!!

PerezHilton 1485048113

Julianne Hough & Derek House Dress Up Like La La Land
Couple at Nina Dobrev's Birthday Party

E!Online 1485046435

BAM! Watch This Smug Donald Trump-Loving Neo-Nazi Get
Punched In The Face On Inauguration Day!

PerezHilton 1485045764

Worst Dressed Celebs Of The Week!
PerezHilton 1485045722

Spice Girls' Geri Halliwell Welcomes Her Second Child

E!Online 1485045245

Women's March On Washington Draws HUGE Crowds -- Much
Bigger Than The Donald's Inauguration!

PerezHilton 1485044632

PewDiePie Is The Worst!
PerezHilton 1485043465

Mariah's World: ''I Wish I Had More Time to Give Him''
E!Online 1485041686

Saturday Savings: Get Diane Kruger's Rad
Plaid Jacket—for Less

E!Online 1485040430

Best Dressed Celebs Of The Week!
PerezHilton 1485039706

Listen To This: We Are Not Alone!
PerezHilton 1485038560

Oliver Hudson Pokes Fun at Those Brad Pitt
and Kate Hudson Romance Rumors

E!Online 1485036697

Birthday Sluts
DListed 1485033337

Forget Trump! Watch Amy Schumer & Neil deGrasse Tyson Become
Best Friends For A Momentary Escape!

PerezHilton 1485009694

Sveta Bilyalova Shows How to Check If Boobs are Fake or Not
TheBlemish 1485006933

Ed Sheeran Is A TERRIBLE Date!
PerezHilton 1485003828

New Sex Toy Actually Smells Like Sex
TheBlemish 1485002080

Daryl of 'The Walking Dead' in 'Kill Mode,'
Negan Better Watch His Back

TheBlemish 1485000743

Kanye West Focusing on Family and "Surprise Projects"
Two Months After Hospitalization

E!Online 1485000269

The Rock Landed a Superhero Role
TheBlemish 1484999600

Donald Trump's Inaugural Ball Was A D-List
Snoozefest! WATCH HERE!

PerezHilton 1484999027

Don't Worry Y'all! Michelle Obama Is NOT Leaving Us!
PerezHilton 1484995316

Girl Meets World Series Finale: How Did
It All End for Riley and Maya?

E!Online 1484993591

Do Kimye Divorce Rumors Have Any Weight?
E!Online 1484993553

Donald Trump Was Weirdly Obsessed With Kristen Stewart
Back In 2012! Quote Of The Day!

PerezHilton 1484991722

Kelly Gale Loves Showering Outside
TheBlemish 1484990068

Adriana Lima's Abs Are All You Need to See Today
E!Online 1484990050

Best and Worst Inauguration Day Fashions
E!Online 1484989481

Hollywood's Craziest Pranks
E!Online 1484989394

Why Is This Is Us Star Chrissy Metz Keeping Her
Boyfriend's Identity A Secret??

PerezHilton 1484988189

Here's Obama's First Post-Presidency Tweet
TheBlemish 1484987613

Black-ish's Yara Shahidi in Talks for Her Own Show: 15
More TV Spinoffs That Found Huge Success

E!Online 1484987103

A Dog's Purpose Author W. Bruce Cameron
Speaks Out About Controversial Video

E!Online 1484986497

You Probably Shouldn't Read This, Bella Hadid...
PerezHilton 1484985869

The CAPTION THIS Contest For January 20th!
DListed 1484985164

How to Be Happy: 3 Simple Things Celebs
Do When They're Down

E!Online 1484985135

Lin-Manuel Miranda Attempts To Cheer Us Up With
Rough Drafts Of Hamilton Songs

PerezHilton 1484984545

Open Post: Hosted By “Emo Ghost Tangled
Up In Sleeping Bags” Chic!

DListed 1484984060

New 'House of Cards' Trailer Foreshadows
a Dark and Evil Presidency

TheBlemish 1484982898

Can You Identify All These 2005 Movies?
Zimbio 1484982780

Malia Obama to Intern for Producer Harvey Weinstein
E!Online 1484982217

Planes Are PACKED With Women On Their Way To
The March On Washington!

PerezHilton 1484982148

The Pope's 159-Word Message To Donald Trump
PerezHilton 1484980999

Trump's Inauguration Fireworks Seem To Have Paid
Tribute To BFF Vladimir Putin!

PerezHilton 1484980921

PSA: Chris Hemsworth Is A Sexy Basketball Beast!!!
PerezHilton 1484979862

Watch Donald Trump Lead A Standing Ovation For Hillary Clinton!
PerezHilton 1484979726

Jennifer Aniston Wants to be Back on TV
E!Online 1484979688

“A Dog's Purpose” Premiere Has Been Shit-Canned
DListed 1484979222

Celebs React To Donald Trump's Inauguration -- See Who's
Optimistic & Who Thinks It's Depressing AF!

PerezHilton 1484978555

Jason 'Mayhem' Miller Likes Golden Showers
TheBlemish 1484977966

J.K. Rowling Crushes Your Dreams of a Harry Potter
and the Cursed Child
Movie Trilogy

E!Online 1484977886

WTF? Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Marie Wants A Threesome With Kylie Jenner & Is Willing To Give Donald Trump A Chance!
PerezHilton 1484977396

Kendall Jenner & Bella Hadid Look Ready To Cut
A Bitch On The Givenchy Runway

PerezHilton 1484977389

Idina Menzel Previews Lifetime's "Daunting"
Beaches Remake

E!Online 1484977316

"House of Cards" Season 5 Premiere Date Revealed
E!Online 1484976771

"Revenge Body" Changes Minds and Bodies Thursdays
E!Online 1484976761

Attention Grandmas: David Beckham Will Save You!
PerezHilton 1484976154

"Revenge Body" Trainers Talk Show & Khloe K.'s Influence
E!Online 1484975539

Does Kristin Cavallari Still Talk to Lauren
Conrad and Audrina Patridge?

E!Online 1484975528

Mariah Carey Has a Birthday Surprise for 'Dem Babies'
E!Online 1484975009

As If Today Isn't Bad Enough, J.K. Rowling Just
Crushed Your Cursed Child Dreams!

PerezHilton 1484974892

Mary Ann Calls Out Anthony Over Backstabbing Behavior
E!Online 1484974349

Mariah Carey Pranks Backup Dancer Who's High
E!Online 1484974321

These Pro-Donald Trump 24 Spoof Posters Are Meant To Make 'Hollywood Elites Lose Their Minds' -- Check 'Em Out For Yourself!
PerezHilton 1484973776

Mimi Straddles Injured Tanaka During Concert
E!Online 1484973707

Mariah Carey Can't Spend Quality Time With James Packer
E!Online 1484973693

Kristen Stewart Wears Her Grungy Airport Look
To The Come Swim Red Carpet

PerezHilton 1484973693

Alison Brie and Dave Franco Talk Wedding Date: "Hopefully Soon!"

E!Online 1484973215

No, This Isn't Ariana Grande--Meet the Singer's Look-Alike

E!Online 1484973174

Shia LaBeouf's HIGH ART Will Get America
Through The Next Four Years

DListed 1484973159

YASS, Serena Williams! Slay That Bonehead Reporter!
PerezHilton 1484972573

That Didn't Take Long! Trump's Administration Wipes The LGBT
Community Off The Official White House Website!

PerezHilton 1484971452

Someone From Donald Trump's Social Media Team
Is Probably Gonna Get Fired...

PerezHilton 1484971344

Here's Your First Look at Bryan Cranston as
Zordon in the Power Rangers Movie

Zimbio 1484970933

Anne Hathaway And Rebel Wilson Will Star In A Remake
Of “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”

DListed 1484970770

Well This Is Emotional
PerezHilton 1484970262

Alison Brie's New Hairstyle Explained" style="height: 96px;
width: 171px;

E!Online 1484970244

What We Know About Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Performance
E!Online 1484970211

Adele Will Perform At 2017 Grammys
E!Online 1484969692

Jennifer Aniston Wants to Return to Television
E!Online 1484969565

The Flash & Supergirl's Musical Crossover Will
Include Performances From So Many of Your CW Faves

E!Online 1484969090

Latest on Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Divorce Rumors
E!Online 1484969060

Prejudice, National Pride, & Batman Villain Quotes -- Here's
Donald Trump's Full First Presidential Speech

PerezHilton 1484968926

Twitter Reacts To Donald Trump's Inauguration!
PerezHilton 1484968910

Karen Gillan Reacts to Backlash Over "Sexist"
Look in Jumanji Reboot

E!Online 1484968459

Kristen Stewart Has Co-Authored A Paper
On Artificial Intelligence

DListed 1484968370

Alison Brie & Dave Franco Play Coy on Upcoming Wedding
E!Online 1484968292

Another Day, Another Peen Pic! The Wanted's Song Glad
You Came Has A Whole New Meaning Now!

PerezHilton 1484967892

Britney Spears Speaks for the First Time
About Dating Sam Asghari

E!Online 1484967870

There's a College Course on the ''Politics of Kanye
West'' With a Special Taylor Swift Lesson

E!Online 1484967863

Chrissy Teigen Is Ditching John Legend For The #WomensMarch -- And She's Marching With THESE Anti-Trump Celebs!
PerezHilton 1484967711

The Look Or Not The Look: Kellyanne Conway Giving You
Continental Soldier At The Inauguration

DListed 1484967308

Protesters Risk Arrest & Get Sprayed With Chemicals
To Resist Drumpf's Inauguration!

PerezHilton 1484966635

Trump Loves Tweeting So Much He Tweeted Out His
Inaugural Speech Line By Line

PerezHilton 1484966516

'Taylor Swift' Pranked Nina Dobrev -- But It Went Really South!
PerezHilton 1484965467

Selena Gomez Should Not Be With The Weeknd!
PerezHilton 1484965277

Charlotte McKinney: "I Am So Single, It's Crazy"

E!Online 1484964751

Queen Helena Has Fun With Her Lord Chamberlain
E!Online 1484964725

YASSSSSS! The Ladies Of Broad City Unleash The ULTIMATE NSFW
Rant About Donald Trump's Inauguration!

PerezHilton 1484964231

We're Sorry To Say, This Is Our New President
PerezHilton 1484964224

How Prince William and Kate Middleton's
Lives Are Changing in 2017

E!Online 1484964214

Kristen Stewart Jokes About "Raging" at Sundance 2017
E!Online 1484963701

Yep, Kylie Jenner & Tyga Have Reached The Boring
Phase Of Their Relationship

PerezHilton 1484963067

No One Showed Up For Donald Trump's Pre-Inauguration
Concert -- Embarrassing!!

PerezHilton 1484962963

The Royals: Watch
E!Online 1484962917

5 Days, 5 Ways: Selena Gomez Is Bringing Rexy Back

E!Online 1484962906

What Would Be the Title of Your Memoir?
Zimbio 1484962500

Prince Liam and Prince Robert Enter the Ring
E!Online 1484962424

"NCIS: Los Angeles" Star Miguel Ferrer Dies at 61
E!Online 1484962365

Idina Menzel Gives Scoop on "Beaches" Lifetime Remake
E!Online 1484961885

Ruby Rose Talks On-Set Prank War With Nina Dobrev
E!Online 1484961786

Fuck Yeah! Shia LaBeouf Launches Four-Year Livestream
Campaign Against Donald Trump!

PerezHilton 1484961768

The Hottest Stories Right Now!
PerezHilton 1484961680

5 British TV Shows on Netflix Every American Should Watch
Zimbio 1484961167

Tarek El Moussa Gets Initiated Into the Single Dads Club

E!Online 1484961149

Megan Mullally Spills Will & Grace Secrets: Revival Dry Humping, Madonna and Just How That Set Was so Ready

E!Online 1484961086

Amy Schumer Befriends Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse
Tyson and It's as Perfect as You'd Expect

E!Online 1484960647

Barack & Michelle Obama Give America One Final Goodbye
-- As Celebs Send Them Off On Twitter!

PerezHilton 1484960633

Kanye Was Always Stalking Kim -- And Nick Cannon Has Proof!!!
PerezHilton 1484960534

Is Charlotte McKinney Dating Anyone?
E!Online 1484960514

Kristin Cavallari Is Happy for "Hills" Costar Audrina
E!Online 1484960085

Cuba Gooding Jr. Is Getting Divorced From
His Wife Of 20 Years

DListed 1484960077

Kim Kardashian's Corset Style Has Hit a Topshop Near You

E!Online 1484960021

Donald Trump's Butthole Mouth Kissing FLOTUS!
Fill In The Blank!!

PerezHilton 1484959386

George Clooney Compares Cousin Miguel Ferrer's Tragic
Death To Donald Trump's Presidency

PerezHilton 1484959366

Hot Slut Of The Day!
DListed 1484958885

Hillary Clinton Looks Classy AF Attending Donald
Trump's Inauguration & Twitter Reacts!

PerezHilton 1484958246

Twitter Skewers Kellyanne Conway's Ridiculous
Nutcracker Outfit On Inauguration Day

PerezHilton 1484958124

House of Cards Season 5 Premiere Date
Revealed With Chilling Message

E!Online 1484957633

“Sir Patrick Stewart will be playing Poop Emoji
in 'The Emoji Movie'” links

CeleBitchy 1484957622

Serena Williams Drags Reporter Who Called
Her Performance "Scrappy"

E!Online 1484957575

Donald Trump's Presidential Inauguration -- See It
Go Down & Get All The Updates HERE!

PerezHilton 1484957054

United Gays Of America Say 'Thank You'
To President Obama! Watch!

PerezHilton 1484956918

Unreal Real Estate TV: The Fake and Sometimes Dark Side of House-Hunting, Renovating & Remodeling for Our Viewing Pleasure

E!Online 1484956488

Black-Ish Is Pulling A Cosby -- No, In A GOOD Way!
PerezHilton 1484955883

Inauguration Open Post: Hosted by a short-fingered,
baby-fisted vulgarian

CeleBitchy 1484955207

Hut, Hut, America! Madonna Says President Trump
Will Help Us Get Our Shit Together!

PerezHilton 1484954677

Sounds Like Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Putting
In The Work To Save Their Marriage!

PerezHilton 1484954551

John Mellencamp is singing about Black
Lives Matter now, just FYI

CeleBitchy 1484954112

Jennifer Aniston: 'I have no time for the yelling,
angry directors, or bad behavior'

CeleBitchy 1484953971

Alanis Morissette's manager stole almost $5
million from her, lied about investments

CeleBitchy 1484953967

Sundance 2017: Kristen Stewart to Direct
Full-Length Feature Film

E!Online 1484953933

#InaugurationBoycott! Watch Perez Instead!
PerezHilton 1484953457

Donald Trump Is The Least Popular Incoming President
EVER! Let Seth Meyers Tell You Why!

PerezHilton 1484953409

Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Fallon Dramatically
Read Bad Yelp Reviews

E!Online 1484952698

Adele to Perform at the 2017 Grammy Awards

E!Online 1484952232

Malia Obama to Intern for Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein

E!Online 1484952210

Looks Like Melania Trump Finally Found Someone To Dress Her!
PerezHilton 1484952166

Trump Kids Attempt One Last Ditch Effort To
Make America Approve Of Donald...

PerezHilton 1484952158

Woody Harrelson's live movie, Lost in London,
is a triumph of technology

CeleBitchy 1484951740

How to Pick Your New Favorite Real Estate
Show: A Handy Quiz

E!Online 1484950918

Moby: Donald Trump is 'this un-evolved,
feral, self-interested man-baby'

CeleBitchy 1484950493

Jennifer Aniston Wants to Return to TV:
"That's Where the Quality Is"

E!Online 1484950486

Brit Marling: 'Women characters are not the ones with agency'
CeleBitchy 1484949343

A Dog's Purpose Premiere and Press Junket
Canceled Amid Animal Abuse Investigation

E!Online 1484949226

"Taylor Swift" Pranked Nina Dobrev and It Didn't Go Well

E!Online 1484949192

Listen To This: There's Something In The Way
PerezHilton 1484948567

Was Serena Williams 'rude' for asking
a reporter to apologize to her?

CeleBitchy 1484948028

Welcome To Tinseltown, Malia Obama!
PerezHilton 1484947469

Michael Douglas: We should give Emperor Baby
Fists a chance, 'he's not an idiot'

CeleBitchy 1484946883

Birthday Sluts
DListed 1484946849

Tom Ford: The Trumps should only wear inexpensive,
American-made clothes

CeleBitchy 1484946764

Will Duchess Kate 'host' Pippa Middleton's
bachelorette party in Switzerland?

CeleBitchy 1484945679

“Will and Grace” returns to NBC for
a 10 episode series: are you excited?

CeleBitchy 1484945630

Black-ish Spinoff in the Works at ABC: Which
Character Is Getting Their Own Show?

E!Online 1484945057

James McAvoy on the inauguration: 'I'm not
American, so it's your f-king problem'

CeleBitchy 1484944518

Big Win For PETA! A Dog's Purpose Cancels Premiere
& Press Junket Amid Call For Boycott!

PerezHilton 1484943885

Andrew Garfield: Trump has 'sickness, toxicity'
emanating out of every pore

CeleBitchy 1484943305

Kesha talks about moving to country music
and 'devastating' Dr. Luke lawsuit

CeleBitchy 1484943186

American Crime StoryaEURtms next season could
take on the Monica Lewinsky scandal

CeleBitchy 1484943182

Kylie Jenner's Butt: An Evolution In Photos
PerezHilton 1484937700

Mike Tyson 'Stings Like a Venereal Disease'
in Soulja Boy Diss Track

TheBlemish 1484933706

Dog Tortured on Set, PETA Wants You To
Boycott 'A Dog's Purpose'

TheBlemish 1484932464

Vogue Thinks Your Weirdo Art Teacher's Style
Is Worth Recreating -- Really?!

PerezHilton 1484931759

Gorillaz Are Back
TheBlemish 1484931270

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Spilled Red Skittles Kick Off Mystery
That Leads To Shocking Reveal About America's Cows!

PerezHilton 1484928207

Kylie Jenner's Gonna Totally Claim She 'Started' This!
PerezHilton 1484923419

'Girl Meets World' Star Corey Fogelmanis Talks
the 'Bittersweet' End of the Series

Zimbio 1484921614

Nicole's Sweet Reason Why She Wants Whiter Teeth
E!Online 1484918061

Sam's Top-Notch Facial Treatment From Kate Somerville
E!Online 1484917972

Alanis Morissette's Manager Had One Hand In HER Pocket...
Holding $4.8 MILLION In Embezzled Funds!!

PerezHilton 1484917271

Milo Ventimiglia Says Mandy Moore Is the Best Kisser He's Had
E!Online 1484914921

IT'S OVER!!!!!!!
PerezHilton 1484913851

Friendly Reminder, These Celebs Have Hot Famous Brothers

E!Online 1484913297

Khloe Kardashian Wants YOU To Pay On The First Date!
PerezHilton 1484910142

Mom Needs to Bring Back Chris Pratt ASAP

E!Online 1484908969

Revenge Body Couple Gets Engaged After Major Weight Loss
E!Online 1484908505

What Is Micellar Water? The Reason Why You'll
Never Have to Wash Your Face Again

E!Online 1484908464

"Revenge Body" Recap Season 1, Ep. 2
E!Online 1484907226

Michelle Obama, First Lady of Style: A Look
Back at Her Fashion Legacy

E!Online 1484905994

All Of Your Favorite Celebs Said #FuckTrump In NYC!
PerezHilton 1484905331

Blake Lively Hides Her Body in Ribbons
TheBlemish 1484904913

Cuba Gooding Jr. Files for Divorce From His Wife
Sara Kapfer After 22 Years of Marriage

E!Online 1484904869

Who Is Our Hot Slut Of 2016? Vote In The Final Round!
DListed 1484904802

Tyga Calls Kanye West His Hero
E!Online 1484904228

Which 'Scandal' Character Are You?
Zimbio 1484903634

Jennifer Lopez's Big Win at People's Choice Awards 2017
E!Online 1484903579

Allow Chris Evans to Trick You into Going Down a
Dark Hallway for the Sake of Charity

Zimbio 1484903561

Meet unREAL's First Female Suitor for Season 3

E!Online 1484903546

Celebrity Exes We Want Back Together
E!Online 1484902914

Blake Lively Says "You Can't Have Ryan Reynolds...He's Mine"
E!Online 1484902911

Jerry Rice Wears a Fried Chicken Helmet for Popeye's
and People Are Calling It Racist

TheBlemish 1484902401

The Latest Season of 'The Walking Dead' Was
Going to Be Even MORE Violent!

Zimbio 1484900101

Tarek El Moussa Clears Up Rumors About His Divorce
E!Online 1484899964

Watching Paint Dry Was More Captivating Than Donald
Trump's Pre-Inauguration Event...

PerezHilton 1484899416

Patrick Stewart Is Voicing The Poop Emoji In
“The Emoji Movie”

DListed 1484898876

Anderson Silva Gets a Winnable Fight
TheBlemish 1484898812

Kristin Cavallari Isn't Here For Body Shaming
Trolls & She's Not The Only One!

PerezHilton 1484898215

Bella Hadid Leans on Kendall Jenner and Family for Support
After The Weeknd & Selena Gomez's Romance Reveal

E!Online 1484898086

This Is Us' Lonnie Chavis Had the Best Time
Ever at the 2017 People's Choice Awards

E!Online 1484896995

'NCIS: Los Angeles,' 'Twin Peaks' Star Miguel
Ferrer Has Passed Away

Zimbio 1484896515

NCIS: Los Angeles' Miguel Ferrer Dies at 61

E!Online 1484896451

How to Dress Confidently—No Matter Your Body Type

E!Online 1484896424

Hold Up! Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Just Had A 'Fucking Disgusting' Confrontation With A Racist & Anti-Semitic Paparazzo -- This Is NOT OKAY!!
PerezHilton 1484895887

Topless Ariel Winter Is So Inspiring! Seriously!!
PerezHilton 1484895866

Chrissy Teigen Posts Scandalous Picture of Her Stretch Marks
TheBlemish 1484895252

This Is Us Cast Gushing About "Captain"
Milo Ventimiglia Will Make Your Day

E!Online 1484895217

Open Post: Hosted By A Heaping Serving Of Chicken a la Class
DListed 1484895164

Troye Sivan's Pro-LGBT Music Video With Betty Who Is A Little Piece Of Heaven -- & Just What We Needed Today!
PerezHilton 1484894664

VOTE: Who Wore Cold Shoulders Better -- Angela
Bassett Or Jaimie Alexander???

PerezHilton 1484894654

Shit! It's Another Love Triangle -- Bad Girls
Club Alum Vs. Britney Spears!

PerezHilton 1484893374

Know What REALLY Makes America Great?? The True
Answer For You HERE!

PerezHilton 1484893360

Celine Dion Set to Perform Brand-New Song for Disney's
Upcoming Beauty and the Beast

E!Online 1484893312

Republicans Want to Make Trump Dance With Caitlyn
Jenner at the Inauguration

TheBlemish 1484892838

Netflix's 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' Is a Dark, Delightful
Chronicle of Lemony Snicket's First Four Books

Zimbio 1484892797

Alanis Morissette's Ex-Manager Admitted
To Stealing Millions From Her

DListed 1484892751

Anwar Hadid and Nicola Peltz Are Dating: How
Their Friendship Turned Romantic

E!Online 1484892287

Yessss!!!!! Celine Dion Is Back To Make The Live Action
Beauty & The Beast 1000x Better!

PerezHilton 1484892249

Why Ellen DeGeneres' People's Choice Awards Are so Important

E!Online 1484892213

Caitlyn Jenner IS Going To The Inauguration -- But It
Ain't For Donald, And It Ain't For Dancing!!

PerezHilton 1484892162

Break Out Your Cum-Stained Gap Dress, Because “American Crime Story” May Take On The Clinton/Lewinsky Sex Scandal
DListed 1484891591

Part Britney, Part Anna Nicole, All MUST WATCH! See Trisha Paytas' New Music Vid & 10 Wildest YouTube Moments HERE!
PerezHilton 1484890925

BRB! Still Crying Over Taboo's New Music Video
About His Fight With Cancer!

PerezHilton 1484890880

Match the TV show to the Sexy Makeout Session
Zimbio 1484890542

Milo Ventimiglia Is the Captain of "This Is Us" Cast
E!Online 1484890353

Ellen & The Obamas: A Love Story!
PerezHilton 1484889813

Blake Lively Went With The “Raggedy Cruise Ship Dancer”
Look For The People's Choice Awards

DListed 1484889301

Who's Your 'Lord of the Rings' Soulmate?
Zimbio 1484889189

Calm The Fuck Down About Dove Cameron Kissing A Girl!!
PerezHilton 1484888489

Chris Evans Pranks Fans With the Help
of a Captain America Doll

E!Online 1484887500

You Do The Crime, You've Got To Do The Time!
PerezHilton 1484887292

Backstreet Boys' Brian Littrell Sounds Like He's Lost His Damn Mind Wanting The Boy Band To Be A Part Of Donald Trump's Inauguration!
PerezHilton 1484887284

Kanye West Isn't “Traditionally American”
Enough To Perform At The Inauguration

DListed 1484886905

5 Stages of Winning a People's Choice Award
E!Online 1484886790

Chrissy Teigen's Fans Love Her Stretch Marks
E!Online 1484886770

Donald Trump's Song Selection For His First Dance With Melania At The Inauguration Ball Has A VERY Fitting First Line!
PerezHilton 1484886269

Lisa Vanderpump "Disappointed" by German Shepherd's
Treatment on A Dog's Purpose Set

E!Online 1484886236

Fifth Harmony Performs Without Camila
E!Online 1484886226

Dear Miss Belgium, This Is So Messed Up!!!!
PerezHilton 1484886102

Exclusive Sneak Peek: Dr. Ken Loses It After Getting
Cast as the Lead in a Documentary

Zimbio 1484885574

Aaron Rodgers Vs. Jordan Rodgers -- This Is Getting Bloody!!!
PerezHilton 1484885066

The Internet Wants to Free The Bachelor Star Corinne's
Nanny and She's Not Happy About It

E!Online 1484885047

Queen Elizabeth II Makes Her First Official Appearance
After Missing the Holidays Due to a Heavy Cold

E!Online 1484884931

EXCLUSIVE! You Knew Aaron Carter Would Be Back With
New Music Sooner Or Later!

PerezHilton 1484883720

Trump Didn't Ask Kanye to Perform at Inauguration
Because He's Not 'Traditionally American'

TheBlemish 1484883311

Ciara And Future Have Finally Settled Their Custody Battle
DListed 1484883213

Mandy Moore Really Wants to be a Mom: ''Sooner Than Later!''

E!Online 1484883140

Who Should Portray Monica Lewinsky in Ryan Murphy's Series?
E!Online 1484882512

Baskets Season 2 Will Feature Even More of Emmy-Winning
Secret Weapon Louie Anderson

E!Online 1484882501

Donald Trump's 'A-List' Artists Defend Their
Inauguration Performances!

PerezHilton 1484882467

And Now, A Depressing Story About Cruelty To A Dog Actor
DListed 1484881990

Candace Cameron Bure Shares Idea of Where to Put Fuller
's 2017 People's Choice Award

E!Online 1484881942

Ellen DeGeneres Looks Back at 10 Years With the
Obamas, Dances and Pranks Included

E!Online 1484881895

Ariel Winter Poses Topless and Reveals the Advice Sofia
Vergara Gave Her About Loving Her Curves

E!Online 1484881343

2017 People's Choice Awards Brought Out A-List Celebs
E!Online 1484881325

Stephen Colbert's Commentary On Obama's Final Press
Conference Is Funny... But Mostly Sad...

PerezHilton 1484881271

The Other Hadid Is Dating Nicola Peltz?!
PerezHilton 1484880249

Amber Rose Gives A Big FUCK YOU To Anyone Accusing Her
Of Joking Around About Molestation!!

PerezHilton 1484880247

Princess Eleanor Has a Nasty Run-In With Reporter
E!Online 1484880223

Zayn Malik Has Something in Common With Kim Kardashian
E!Online 1484879595

Kaley Cuoco Gets Ready Just Like Us—Her
Award-Show Prep, Revealed

E!Online 1484879518

How Winning an Emmy Changed Louie Anderson's Life
E!Online 1484879089

You Should Read This
PerezHilton 1484879083

Chrissy Teigen's Stretch Marks Are Fucking Beautiful!
PerezHilton 1484879003

Ashley Greene Won't Be Getting Married in 2017

E!Online 1484878927

What's to Come on "Baskets" Season 2
E!Online 1484878415

This Is Us: We Need to Work Out
Our Feelings About Miguel

E!Online 1484878364

Ashley Greene Shows Off Her Engagement Ring
E!Online 1484877897

Alicia Silverstone Is A Naked Wood Nymph For PETA In New
Anti-Wool Ad! See The Uncensored Pic!

PerezHilton 1484877822

PETA Calls For A Boycott Of A Dog's Purpose After Footage Leaks
Of A Pup Being Forced Into Dangerous Water!

PerezHilton 1484877815

Luis Fonsi Tells All on "Despacito" Music Video
E!Online 1484877779

Kesha Breaks Down in Tears Talking About Dr. Luke Legal
Battle: "It Is Definitely a Mind F--k"

E!Online 1484877216

Hot Slut Of The Day!
DListed 1484877153

Chrissy Teigen Shows Her Stretch Marks Tons of Love:
"I Like the Pattern and They're so Soft"

E!Online 1484877096

He's No Wilmer!!!!!!
PerezHilton 1484876683

Exclusive: "Nashville" Sneak Peek
E!Online 1484876591

Don't Think Ivanka Trump Is Going To Be FLOTUS?? Then Why Is SHE The One Getting Tips From Michelle Obama?!
PerezHilton 1484876587

"Grey's Anatomy" Cast Talks "Amazing" People's Choice Nom
E!Online 1484876530

Which Iconic Singer Were You in a Past Life?
Zimbio 1484876095

“Justin Timberlake won a People's Choice Award
for that 'Trolls' song” links

CeleBitchy 1484876055

Amber Rose & Baby Dream Kardashian Pose for Sweet Selfie

E!Online 1484876044

Kristen Bell Dishes on "The Good Place"
at People's Choice Awards

E!Online 1484875954

The Hottest Stories Right Now!
PerezHilton 1484875424

Nashville's Juliette Barnes Won't Let
a Plane Crash Keep Her Down

E!Online 1484875322

Gregg Sulkin, WTF Were You Thinking With This Offensive
Tweet About 9/11 First Responders?!

PerezHilton 1484875322

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd Cross Paths for the First
Time Since He Started Dating Selena Gomez

E!Online 1484875320

The Hollywood Guide to Bachelor Pads: Inside the Lavish Homes of Zac Efron, Justin Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio and More

E!Online 1484874904

Audrina Patridge Just Made a Big Hair Change at the
Request of Her Die Hard Hills Fans

E!Online 1484874776

Johnny Depp Thanked His Fans At The People's Choice Awards
DListed 1484874736

Cheryl Burke Doing What After People's Choice Awards?!
E!Online 1484874230

TUCK FRUMP & His Braggadocios Tweets About Speech Writing
From His 'Winter White House'!!!!

PerezHilton 1484874113

Priyanka Chopra Details "Quantico" Set Injury at 2017 PCAs
E!Online 1484874097

Jason Momoa doesn't believe that 'Game
of Thrones' helped his career

CeleBitchy 1484873676

Candace Cameron Bure Celebrates "Fuller House" 2017 PCAs Nom
E!Online 1484873546

Kanye West Isn't 'Traditionally American' Enough
For Donald Trump's Inauguration!

PerezHilton 1484872959

10 All-Time Best Will & Grace Moments!
PerezHilton 1484872881

The Weeknd on Trump's p-ssy comments: 'America,
man. They never fail you'

CeleBitchy 1484872493

Step Inside Our Favorite On-Screen Single Ladies' Homes

E!Online 1484872344

Scientologists Are Forced To LICK Bathrooms
Clean As Punishment?! WTF?!

PerezHilton 1484871731

Mini-Taylor Swift Xia Vigor's Mom Claps Back At Piers Morgan
For Calling Her Daughter's Performance 'Creepy'!

PerezHilton 1484871693

Lindsay Lohan hasn't converted to Islam she's 'educating herself'
CeleBitchy 1484871309

Surprise! Scandal Gets a Web Series, Gladiator
, to Tide Fans Over Until Season 6

E!Online 1484871213

Sundance Film Festival 2017: The Insider's Party Guide

E!Online 1484871155

VOTE: Who Wore It Better -- Julianne Hough
Vs. Vanessa Hudgens???

PerezHilton 1484870658

Even the 2017 People's Choice Awards Couldn't Keep Sarah Jessica
Parker Away From Her Daughters' Piano Recital

E!Online 1484870589

Sundance Film Fest 2017: 17 Movies Everyone
Is Already Talking About

E!Online 1484870495

Michelle Obama, plus Sunny & Bo, walked around
the White House one last time

CeleBitchy 1484870109

A Dog's Purpose: Josh Gad and Lasse Hallström
"Shaken" Over Animal Mistreatment

E!Online 1484870021

Kendall Jenner & Bella Hadid Stripping AND Harassed
By Fans! Typical Wednesday??

PerezHilton 1484869425

ESPN Commentator Grand Slammed Over Racist Statement About Venus Williams -- But Others Are Saying It's A Misunderstanding! So Which Is It?!
PerezHilton 1484869369

Us Weekly: Ivanka Trump 'will be Donald's
closest adviser' on almost everything

CeleBitchy 1484868926

Moving On Up! How Stars Like Jennifer Aniston and Khloe Kardashian Upgraded Their Real Estate Game After Big Breakups

E!Online 1484868801

Michael Flatley (AKA The Lord Of The Dance) May Be The Biggest Inauguration Performer Trump's Snagged Yet... Which Is So Sad...
PerezHilton 1484868143

What should we think of Kim Kardashian's
'high fashion grunge' ensemble?

CeleBitchy 1484867626

Attention The Office Fans: Please Tell Your Friends What
B.J. Novak Said About Steve Carell's Revival Tweet

E!Online 1484867607

Kristin Cavallari Slays Delusional Haters Calling
Her Husband A '300 Lb. Lesbian'!

PerezHilton 1484867023

Tarek El Moussa Clears Up Rumors About
His Divorce From Christina

E!Online 1484865848

As ESPN commentator made a 'gorilla' reference
about Venus Williams

CeleBitchy 1484865225

Blake Shelton Plans to Celebrate With Double the Booze
After Two 2017 People's Choice Awards Wins

E!Online 1484865111

Jennifer Lopez & Drake Music CONFIRMED!!!
PerezHilton 1484864474

Priyanka Chopra Celebrates 2017 People's
Choice Award Win With In-N-Out

E!Online 1484864102

Will & Grace Revival's Big Problem:
Changing the Series Finale

E!Online 1484864089

Kanye West wasn't invited to the inaugural
because he's not American enough

CeleBitchy 1484864017

People's Choice Awards 2017: All The Red Carpet Pics!
PerezHilton 1484863445

Jennifer Lopez in Reem Acra at the People's
Choice Awards: matronly or hot?

CeleBitchy 1484862779

Kristen Bell in Rasario at the People's Choice
Awards: 70s mermaid fail?

CeleBitchy 1484862772

Listen To This: A Consistent Beat!
PerezHilton 1484862147

Revenge Body: ''If I Was Sad, I Would Eat''
E!Online 1484861699

Sarah Jessica Parker in J Mendel at the People's
Choice Awards: terrible or unique?

CeleBitchy 1484861615

Jennifer Lopez Thanks Fans for Their Fierce Support:
What They Do For Me Is Priceless

E!Online 1484861494

Dexter "Felt Like a Loser" After Gaining 40 Pounds
E!Online 1484861089

Sam Goes to First "Revenge Body" Workout
E!Online 1484860958

People's Choice Awards 2017: Celebrity Twitpics & Instagrams!
PerezHilton 1484860939

Get Ready To Relive Bill Clinton's Sex Scandal With Monica Lewinsky! Here Are The DIRRRTY American Crime Story Details!
PerezHilton 1484860904

Birthday Sluts
DListed 1484860522

Dexter Runs Late to His First "Revenge Body" Workout
E!Online 1484860468

Blake Lively Jokes About 2017 People's Choice Awards
Win: "I Have a Huge Ego Now"

E!Online 1484860459

Blake Lively in Elie Saab at the People's
Choice Awards: adorable or tacky?

CeleBitchy 1484860432

Khloe Kardashian Identifies With Dexter's Emotional Eating
E!Online 1484859912

Dexter Pukes While Cooking With Corey Calliet
E!Online 1484859831

Let's weep together as Pres. Obama brags
about his daughters one last time

CeleBitchy 1484859313

'A Dog's Purpose' video shows a German
shepherd being treated cruelly

CeleBitchy 1484859304

Baby Fists: Melania never asked Tom Ford for
clothes, 'doesn't like his designs'

CeleBitchy 1484859285

Hilary Duff has a new boyfriend and they're
already going for pap strolls

CeleBitchy 1484859280

Kylie Jenner's Red-Hot Date-Night Look Is Goals

E!Online 1484859276

Sarah Paulson kept her Marcia Clarke wig as a good luck charm
CeleBitchy 1484859263

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson surprised an Army vet with a new car
CeleBitchy 1484859183

Will Lady Gaga be allowed to 'get political'
during her Super Bowl Half-time show?

CeleBitchy 1484859128

Heads Up, Protesters! D.C. Police Are Ready To Handle
Mass Arrests At Donald Trump's Inauguration!

PerezHilton 1484857395

Johnny Depp Accepts 2017 People's Choice Award for Favorite
Movie Icon Days After Finalizing Amber Heard Divorce

E!Online 1484856809

Blake Shelton Gushes Over Favorite Album Win at 2017 PCAs
E!Online 1484841842

Sarah Jessica Parker's "Divorce" Role Pays Off Big
E!Online 1484840564

Priyanka Chopra Celebrates Best Actress Award at 2017 PCAs
E!Online 1484840072

How Blake Lively Is Celebrating 2017 People's Choice Win
E!Online 1484839394

Jay-Z Has An Alleged Love Child from Teenager!
Beyonce to Divorce Him!

TheBlemish 1484838923

Jennifer Lopez Thanks Fans for 2017 People's Choice Award
E!Online 1484838729

Lana Has a Non-Traditional Bachelorette Party
E!Online 1484835146

Nikki Bella Hires a Media Trainer for Her Family
E!Online 1484835134