Adele's Makeup Artist Reveals the Secret to Dramatic Eyeliner

E!Online 1506144258

Nikki Reed Responds to Husband's Birth Control Backlash
E!Online 1506144245

Aaron Carter Is Going To Rehab!
PerezHilton 1506144174

Kendall & Kylie Jenner Clap Back At Photographer
Suing Over Tupac Vintage Tee!

PerezHilton 1506144155

Kylie Jenner Is 'REALLY Excited' About Her 'Unexpected'
Pregnancy With Travis Scott!

PerezHilton 1506143014

Congrats, Critiques, & Conspiracy Theories! Twitter
Reacts To The Kylie Jenner Pregnancy News!

PerezHilton 1506142900

The Apokalypse Is Upon Us: Kylie Jenner Is Reportedly Pregnant
DListed 1506142542

So THIS Is What Kourtney Kardashian Thinks Of Scott
Disick & Sofia Richie's Relationship...

PerezHilton 1506141884

Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant: Reports

E!Online 1506141873

Aaron Carter Enters Facility to ''Improve His Health''

E!Online 1506141769

PerezHilton 1506141743

In Yet Another Sign of the Impending Apocalypse,
Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant

Zimbio 1506141331

KJ Apa Crashes Car Because Archie Never Was A Good Driver
TheBlemish 1506141284

Jay-Z Reveals His Thoughts on President Donald
Trump: "Man, This Is a Joke"

E!Online 1506140589

Lady GaGa Isn't The Only Celebrity To Become
Rivals With Her Idol!

PerezHilton 1506140570

Serena Williams' Newborn Alexis Olympia Is All
Of Us Leaving Work On A Friday!

PerezHilton 1506140501

Francia Raisa Bares Scars From Kidney Transplant
E!Online 1506140077

Cash Me Outside Girl Wants You to Know That She's Still Rich
TheBlemish 1506140022

Revisiting Jenelle Evans' Rocky Road to the Altar

E!Online 1506139488

Megyn Kelly Breaks Down Her New Show
E!Online 1506139460

Corey Bohan DENIES Installing Five Cameras To Spy On Audrina Patridge As Prenup Details Show He Won't Be Taking Her Hills Money!
PerezHilton 1506139444

Report: Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant!
PerezHilton 1506139411

Netflix Isn't Happy About That Peen In
“Maya The Bee”

DListed 1506138867

Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Mara Lane Reunite
After Six Weeks Apart

E!Online 1506138754

John McCain Will Vote 'No' On The Evil Graham-Cassidy Health
Care Bill & Jimmy Kimmel Is Eternally Grateful!

PerezHilton 1506138122

Nikki Reed Fires Off At Backlash Over Ian Somerhalder's
Birth Control Comment!

PerezHilton 1506137052

This Is Us' Chrissy Metz Reveals Surprising
Connection to Younger Kate Actress

E!Online 1506137006

Versace's Milan Show Pays Tribute To Gianni By Closing With FIVE Of His Supermodel Muses From The '90s! WATCH HERE!
PerezHilton 1506136983

Exclusive: "This Is Us" Big Three Cast Connections
E!Online 1506136467

Jennifer Lopez Can't Get in Touch With Family in Puerto Rico
E!Online 1506136415

Open Post: Hosted By Liam Gallagher Being
Forced To Make His Own Tea

DListed 1506136372

Jerry Lewis Excluded All of the Children From
His First Marriage From His Will

E!Online 1506135885

Jodie Sweetin Has NEVER Seen An Episode Of Full House, And We
Don't Know What To Do With This Information

PerezHilton 1506135847

Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford & More Supermodels Reunite
for Versace Tribute at Milan Fashion Week

E!Online 1506135703

There's a Lot More of Kanye West to Roast in New Pictures
TheBlemish 1506135304

Haley Reinhart Performs 'The Letter' LIVE!
PerezHilton 1506134659

Audrina Patridge's Divorce Drama Gets Messier As She Tries To Have Estranged Husband Corey Bohan Booted From Her House!
PerezHilton 1506134618

Marilyn Manson Out There Flicking Reporter's Balls
TheBlemish 1506134020

Darren Aronofsky Responds To CinemaScore's F
Grade For “Mother!”

DListed 1506133998

Shania Twain Opens Up About Feeling 'Shattered' By 'Traumatic'
Divorce Amid Battle With Lyme Disease

PerezHilton 1506133319

Richard Simmons Has To Pay The National Enquirer's Legal Fees
DListed 1506132858

Danielle Bregoli (A.K.A. Cash Me Ousside Girl & Bhad Bhabie) Proves Her Star Power Is Only Growing By Dropping A New Music Video!
PerezHilton 1506132231

Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Are Already In The Holiday Spirit -- Listen To You Make It Feel Like Christmas HERE!
PerezHilton 1506132229

Bachelor in Paradise's Dean Unglert Asks Kristina
Schulman to Dissect Their Breakup

E!Online 1506132195

Celebs Prove Why Fall Is the Best Season
E!Online 1506132099

Why Fall Is the Best Season of the Year
(as Told by Celebrities)

E!Online 1506131575

You Definitely Missed the Ring on All Hollywood
A-Listers Right Now

E!Online 1506131519

Jennifer Lawrence Flips the Middle Finger at
Academy Screening of Mother

E!Online 1506130983

Russian News Outlets Are PISSED At Morgan Freeman For Trying
To Expose 'Former KGB Spy' Vladimir Putin!

PerezHilton 1506130925

Meet Frida, the Heroic Rescue Dog Who's Already
Saved 12 Lives in Mexico

E!Online 1506130908

This Super Weird Quiz Will Determine If You're
a Good Witch or a Bad Witch

Zimbio 1506130539

Watch These 10 Beloved TV Shows Quick Before
They Leave Netflix in October

Zimbio 1506130473

Josh Duhamel Plays The Pious Card In His Split From Fergie
DListed 1506130452

Nikki Reed Responds to Backlash Over Ian Somerhalder
Throwing Out Her Birth Control Pills

E!Online 1506130382

Ellen Shows Off Exclusive Deleted Scenes From Taylor
Swift's Look What You Made Me Do Video!

PerezHilton 1506129784

Guess The Topless Celeb With A Ripped Torso!
PerezHilton 1506129712

Lady GaGa REALLY Wishes Madonna Would Have Told Her She
Was A 'Piece Of Shit' To Her Face!

PerezHilton 1506128516

Seeing Double? Anthony Scaramucci Comes Face to
Face With Mario Cantone's "The Mooch"

E!Online 1506128087

A Situation Involving A Woman With A Gun And A Machete
Went Down At The Kardashian's Store

DListed 1506128080

David Foster's Daughter Calls Katharine McPhee "Step Mom"
E!Online 1506127388

Howard Students Interrupt James Comey's Convocation
Speech In Protest -- WATCH

PerezHilton 1506127320

Maya The Bee Producers Promise 'Legal Action' Against
Artist Who Drew A Penis In Cartoon

PerezHilton 1506127304

Toni Braxton Talks Getting Her Music "Mojo" Back
E!Online 1506126756

The Hottest Stories Right Now!
PerezHilton 1506126205

Kim Kardashian Reveals A Doctor Once Told
Her She Miscarried North!

PerezHilton 1506126182

Beyonce & Jay-Z Post Rare PDA Photos
E!Online 1506126154

Kendall Jenner Stars in Music Video for Fergie and
Son Axl Jack's Song "Enchanté"

E!Online 1506125539

Mario Cantone Impersonates Anthony Scaramucci on "The View"
E!Online 1506125507

Why Jim Parsons Waited So Long to Get Married

E!Online 1506125006

It's OFFICIALLY Fall & Twitter Is Shook Like
A Bag Of Autumn Leaves!

PerezHilton 1506124965

“Rihanna wore a bizarre Calvin Klein dress
& still looked amazing” links

CeleBitchy 1506124538

Ian Somerhalder Threw Out Nikki Reed's Birth Control
Pills So That She'd Get Pregnant

DListed 1506124357

Wait, Beyonce & JAY-Z Won't Be Headlining Tidal's
Hurricane Relief Benefit Concert??

PerezHilton 1506123794

Ellen DeGeneres Spoofs Taylor Swift's "Look
What You Made Me Do" Video

E!Online 1506123779

Police Report Details Aaron Carter's Concerning Behavior
PerezHilton 1506123741

12 Fun Facts You Never Knew About "Full House"
E!Online 1506123732

HollywoodLife 1506123721

Exclusive: Justin Bobby Comments on Audrina Patridge's Divorce
E!Online 1506123195

Kim Jong Un Issues Unprecedented Response To 'Dotard' Donald
Trump's Threats To 'Totally Destroy' North Korea!

PerezHilton 1506122673

Adriana Barraza Talks Breaking Glass Ceilings
E!Online 1506122634

V Magazine Fashion Film
E!Online 1506122630

Best Dressed of the Week: Ivanka Trump, Hailey Baldwin & More!

E!Online 1506122056

Rachel Bilson And Hayden Christensen Might Have
Ended Because He Didn't Like Going Out

DListed 1506122001

How Will Teen Wolf End? Jeff Davis and Tyler
Posey Preview the Series Finale

E!Online 1506121952

Jennifer Lopez Still Can't Get in Touch With
Her Family in Puerto Rico

E!Online 1506121477

Nicki Minaj, Allow Us To Introduce You To Shawn Mendes
PerezHilton 1506121415

Justin Theroux Doing High Kicks, American Cheese and Snakes Are All in the Wacky At Home With Amy Sedaris Trailer

E!Online 1506121409

BiP's Corinne Olympios & DeMario Jackson Put Their Messy History
Behind Them For A Night Out On The Town!

PerezHilton 1506121380

Did Armie Hammer really say he was 'terrified'
of filming a gay-sex scene?

CeleBitchy 1506120766

Audrina Patridge's Ex Justin Bobby Had THIS To Say
About Her Divorce From Corey Bohan!

PerezHilton 1506120108

Jerry Lewis Left Six Of His Children Off Of His Will
DListed 1506119710

Shonda Rhimes on the Emmys being diverse: aEUR~itaEURtms
embarrassingaEURtm it took so long

CeleBitchy 1506119534

Jennifer Lopez Still Hasn't Heard From Her
Family Post-Hurricane Maria

PerezHilton 1506118951

Mel B Won't Be Charged With Intimidating One Of The Witnesses
Involved In Her Domestic Violence Case!

PerezHilton 1506118923

Hot Slut Of The Day!
DListed 1506118525

Lady in Red! Amal Clooney Makes a Colorful Splash at
the United Nations as She Heads Back to Work

E!Online 1506118494

Please enjoy Kirsten Dunst in this absurd
Rodarte ensemble at her premiere

CeleBitchy 1506118450

Beyonce Might've Changed Her Wedding Ring Tattoo -- But
Her Marriage With JAY-Z Is Better Than Ever!

PerezHilton 1506117681

Prince Harry arrives in Toronto ahead of the
Invictus Games (and his engagement)

CeleBitchy 1506117160

Justin Bobby Comments on Audrina Patridge's
Divorce From Corey Bohan

E!Online 1506116548

Francia Raisa Bares Scars From Selena Gomez
Kidney Transplant at the Gym

E!Online 1506116534

Kathy Griffin Hits Back At Verbally Aggressive Neighbor
By Filing For A Restraining Order!

PerezHilton 1506116504

Jennifer Lawrence flipped the bird at critics,
CinemaScore & the world last night

CeleBitchy 1506115983

Sofia Richie Got Caught Kissing Scott Disick
DListed 1506115957

Riverdale Star K.J. Apa's Late Night Car Crash Sparks
On-Set Investigation From Screen Actor's Guild!

PerezHilton 1506115397

Ian Somerhalder Reveals He Made The Move To Start A Family With Nikki Reed -- He Surprised Her By Throwing Out Her Birth Control Pills!
PerezHilton 1506115332

Ian Somerhalder threw out Nikki Reed's birth
control pills to get her pregnant

CeleBitchy 1506114759

Candace Cameron Bure Reveals What it's Really Like When Full
Cast Comes to Fuller House

E!Online 1506114140

Beyonce & Jay-Z had a romantic yachting 'date
night' but she didn't want his kisses

CeleBitchy 1506113649

Chrissy Teigen Offered Up John Legend's Underwear On Twitter In Exchange For Brown Bananas -- & Here's How It Played Out...
PerezHilton 1506113018

Fergie's Enchante Music Video Stars Kendall
Jenner & Son Axl Jack -- WATCH!

PerezHilton 1506112951

Chrissy Teigen Gets "Low Key Dissed" by
Kermit the Frog on Twitter

E!Online 1506112422

Dotard Trump is really nervous about those
'Russian hoax' Facebook ads

CeleBitchy 1506112396

Fall Treats You Can Consume That ~Aren't~
Pumpkin Spice Flavored! GASP!

PerezHilton 1506111840

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Pucker Up on Yacht Date Night

E!Online 1506111798

Selena Gomez: 'I would have all of the same
issues' if I wasn't famous

CeleBitchy 1506111274

Candace Cameron Bure's Message to "Fuller House" Fans
E!Online 1506111179

Jake Gyllenhaal Reacts to @JakeActivities Twitter Account

E!Online 1506111125

Jimmy Kimmel Blasts Donald Trump Over Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill: He Doesn't Know the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid

E!Online 1506110703

Riverdale's Camila Mendes and Cole Sprouse
Share Photos of K.J. Apa Post Car Accident

E!Online 1506110591

Amal Clooney wore a great, red Bottega Veneta
suit to the United Nations

CeleBitchy 1506110058

Listen To This: What Makes You Beautiful!
PerezHilton 1506109466

The Woman Who Terrorized The Kardashians' DASH Boutique
With A Gun & A Machete Has Been Arrested!

PerezHilton 1506109323

Darren Aronofsky: 'mother!' is a punk movie,
we're 'holding up a mirror' to society

CeleBitchy 1506108820

KUWTK: ''Maybe We Can Help Someone''
E!Online 1506108286

Jimmy Kimmel SOUNDS OFF On The Graham-Cassidy Health
Care Bill For A THIRD Time!

PerezHilton 1506108229

Kim Jong Un is right about one thing, Donald Trump IS a 'dotard'
CeleBitchy 1506107728

Marilyn Manson reads BieberaEURtms apology texts: aEUR~it
stungaEUR| IaEURtmm sorryaEURtm

CeleBitchy 1506107620

Saint West wore baby cornrows & a Harley Davidson
t-shirt to the ice-skating rink

CeleBitchy 1506107595

Who Knows Kelly Ripa Better: Andy Cohen or Ryan Seacrest?

E!Online 1506107559

Birthday Sluts
DListed 1506107533

30 Surprising Facts You Might Not Know About
Full House

E!Online 1506106428

Audrina Patridge files for divorce, accuses
her estranged husband of abuse

CeleBitchy 1506106364

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are going into business together
CeleBitchy 1506105238

Reese Witherspoon in Stella McCartney: ask her
more, like why does her style suck?

CeleBitchy 1506105208

Mariah Carey and Britney Spears strike a pose at a dinner party
CeleBitchy 1506104013

Taylor Swift & Joe spent time in London, undercover,
at Cara Delevingne's flat

CeleBitchy 1506103983

Kim K. Proud to Tell Caitlyn's Transition Story on "KUWTK"
E!Online 1506101073

Catherine Zeta-Jones Is Ready to Decorate Your Home—and
Michael Douglas Totally Approves

E!Online 1506100494

Why Jennifer Hudson Is the Perfect Addition
to The Voice's Coach Panel

E!Online 1506100389

Ariel Winter Rants, Audrina Patridge Divorcing and More
TheBlemish 1506092053

Walk The Moon's 'One Foot' - REACTING live!
PerezHilton 1506091390

Today's the Day - "Full House" Turns 30
E!Online 1506090295

Demi Lovato's 'Sexy Dirty Love' - REACTING live!
PerezHilton 1506087756

Woman Who Lost 350 Pounds Faces Her Worst Fear Of Being Body Shamed While On Vacation -- And It Actually Helped Her!
PerezHilton 1506086590

CL's 'No Better Feelin'- REACTING Live!
PerezHilton 1506084170

Right Said Fred Brings You The Taylor Swift LWYMMD/I'm Too
Sexy Mashup You Never Knew You Needed!

PerezHilton 1506083045

Tracee Ellis Ross Reveals Her Ideal Threesome & Admits She's
Her Own Style Icon For Vogue's 73 Questions!

PerezHilton 1506077082

Woman Allegedly Terrorizes Kardashian DASH Store
With Gun & Machete! WATCH HERE!

PerezHilton 1506074507

Kellan Lutz and Brittany Gonzales Are Engaged: Reports

E!Online 1506072891

Get The Look: Fall Street Style
E!Online 1506071656

Jared Leto’s Latest Shirtless Selfie Will Help
Get You Through the Rest of the Work Week

E!Online 1506071108

Rihanna Shows Off Her Sexy Stems At Fenty Beauty Event In Paris
As She Previews Her New Galaxy Collection!

PerezHilton 1506071006

Jordan Peele Hunts Nazis in New TV Series
TheBlemish 1506069165

No Evidence Of Choke Hold Against Cardi B, Says Cops
PerezHilton 1506068641

Some Advice For Aaron Carter and Tori Spelling! Plus...
PerezHilton 1506068548

Warner Bros. Hits Back At Controversy Around
Riverdale Star K.J. Apa's Car Crash

PerezHilton 1506067277

Dylan Sprouse and Brenda Song's Suite Life of Zack
and Cody
Reunion Is Totally Sweet

E!Online 1506066762

Kardashians Relive the Most Iconic "KUWTK" Moments
E!Online 1506066246

Fergie Is #HairGoals In Her Like It Ain't
Nuttin' Music Video! WATCH!

PerezHilton 1506066130

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Address Their Split
E!Online 1506065701

Did Beyoncé Just Ink Over Her and Jay-Z's Matching
Tattoo? See the Photo That Has Fans Buzzing

E!Online 1506065549

Francia Raisa Shows Off Her Selena Gomez Kidney Transplant
Scar AND Her Insane Abs In New Workout Video!

PerezHilton 1506065065

Taron Egerton: Our Man Crush...On Their Man Crush
E!Online 1506064968

Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s Search for Love Officially
Begins on The Bachelor

E!Online 1506064926

Taron Egerton, Your New Man Crush, Is About
to Take Hollywood by Storm

E!Online 1506064305

Keeping Up Moments!
E!Online 1506064291

Tom Cruise in Hot Water Over Accidental Deaths On Set
E!Online 1506063749

Did Josh Duhamel Inspire Fergie's New Album?
E!Online 1506063720

Catherine Zeta-Jones Says Michael Douglas Approves New Line
E!Online 1506063290

Catherine Zeta-Jones Reveals Her Daughter Wants to Act
E!Online 1506063103

Is J.Lo Ready to Walk Down the Aisle With A-Rod?
E!Online 1506062650

Kendall Jenner Reveals Her Toughest Day of "KUWTK"
E!Online 1506062506

Everything Coming and Going on Netflix in October
Zimbio 1506062010

Tupac Shakur is Still Alive, Says Suge Knight
TheBlemish 1506061985

Watch Alex Rodriguez React to Jennifer Lopez Relationship
Rumors: Are They Getting Engaged Soon?

E!Online 1506061945

Renee Zellweger Surprises Texas Pet Rescue Organizations By Volunteering For A Whole Week Of Hurricane Harvey Relief!
PerezHilton 1506061475

Narcos Star Boyd Holbrook Expecting
First Child With Tatiana Pajkovic

E!Online 1506061413

Teen Mom's Kailyn Lowry Sets the Record Straight
on Those Javi Marroquin Cheating Rumors

E!Online 1506061412

Marc Anthony, Nicky Jam & More Stars Raising Funds for
Hurricane Maria Victims in Puerto Rico

E!Online 1506060865

Marilyn Manson and Justin Bieber Have Apparently
Kissed and Made Up

TheBlemish 1506060814

Damn, Reese Witherspoon! Looking Hot AF At
The Home Again Screening!

PerezHilton 1506060139

The Hills Cast: Where Are They Now?
PerezHilton 1506060083

Robert Pattinson Wears A Pink Wig On The Cover
Of Wonderland Because Why Not??

PerezHilton 1506058994

Police Rush To Aaron Carter's Home After Strange
Phone Call Leads To Suicide Fears

PerezHilton 1506058934

David Foster's Daughter Implies Her Pops Is
Serious With Katharine McPhee

DListed 1506058414

The Powerpuff Girls Added A Black Sister Named Blisstina
& Twitter Doesn't Know How To Feel About It!

PerezHilton 1506057869

Suge Knight Thinks Tupac Shakur May Be Alive
E!Online 1506057811

Miley Cyrus's 'Week Without You' - REACTING Live!
PerezHilton 1506057698

Usher's Male Herpes Accuser Claims They
Hooked Up In A Koreatown Spa

DListed 1506057325

Clefford the Dog Has Cleft Palate Surgery
and Is on the Road to Recovery

E!Online 1506057224

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen's 'Constant Conflicts'
& Differing Personalities Led To Their Split!

PerezHilton 1506056675

No Denying It Anymore! Scott Disick Photographed Kissing
Bikini-Clad Teenager Sofia Richie In Miami!

PerezHilton 1506056497

Luke Skywalker Trains Rey in New Star Wars:
The Last Jedi

E!Online 1506056101

Dean Unglert & Kristina Schulman Reunite After "BiP"
E!Online 1506056093

Leonardo DiCaprio Is A Model Multi-Tasker
DListed 1506055990

Proof That Faith Hill Has Never Aged
E!Online 1506055503

Audrina Patridge's Estranged Husband Corey
Bohan Under Criminal Investigation

PerezHilton 1506055375

Fergie Says She's "Doing Great" Following Josh Duhamel
Split: "It Feels Really Good to Just Exhale"

E!Online 1506055364

I'm Sorry About Selena Gomez - Truly - But
I Was Right In The Moment!

PerezHilton 1506055317

"Teen Mom 2" Star Kailyn Lowry Slams Cheating Rumors
E!Online 1506054812

"Teen Mom" Kailyn Lowry Shares Baby Lo's Latest Milestones
E!Online 1506054724

Twitter Destroys Piers Morgan After He Writes Essay Arguing
White People Should Be Able To Use The N-Word

PerezHilton 1506054255

Khloe Kardashian Tells If Tristan Thompson Will Be on "KUWTK"
E!Online 1506054198

Happy 50th Birthday Faith Hill! Proof That
the Country Singer Never Ages

E!Online 1506054172

Which 'It' Character Are You?
Zimbio 1506053695

Karrueche Tran on Her Restraining Order Against Chris
Brown: "I Needed to Protect My Safety"

E!Online 1506053646

Here's Taylor Swift's SO Not-Staged Behind-The-Scenes Videos
DListed 1506053630

'It' Star Sophia Lillis Isn't Afraid of Clowns,
But 'Sharp Objects' Are Another Story

Zimbio 1506053602

Miley Cyrus Sings About Her Relationship
Troubles in "Week Without You"

E!Online 1506053558

Aaron Hernandez's Fiancee Sues The NFL & New England Patriots
Over Athlete's Severe CTE Diagnosis

PerezHilton 1506053058

Donald Trump Blocked A Stage Four Cancer Patient On Twitter After She Criticized His Support Of The Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill
PerezHilton 1506053038

Move Over, Pumpkin Spice Latte! Starbucks Debuts
Your New Staple Fall Drink

E!Online 1506053007

From Fuller House to Fullest House
to...The Golden Girls?

E!Online 1506052976

Kim Kardashian Says Her Naked Photo Shoot Days Are Numbered
DListed 1506052492

Candace Cameron Bure Wants Crew to Be Next "Golden Girls"
E!Online 1506052421

Mad Pooper on the Loose in Colorado
E!Online 1506052298

Miley Cyrus Is 100% Country In Her New Song
Week Without You! LISTEN!

PerezHilton 1506051808

How to Get Rid of Acne—a Celebrity Aesthetician Weighs in

E!Online 1506050675

Chrissy Teigen Asks Twitter Followers to Help
Solve Her Banana Bread Dilemma

E!Online 1506050627

Leonardo DiCaprio Explains What Happened
When He Met Donald Trump

PerezHilton 1506050559

Riverdale Star K.J. Apa Crashes Car Driving Home From A 16-Hour Work Day -- And The Cast & Crew Are PISSED At WB!
PerezHilton 1506050503

Open Post: Hosted By Britney Spears And Mariah
Carey's Chance Encounter In Las Vegas

DListed 1506050062

Melissa Joan Hart Bitches About Free Vacation
Ruined By Hurricane Maria

TheBlemish 1506050048

Robert Pattinson Is Totally Unrecognizable
on the Cover of Wonderland

E!Online 1506049949

The Real Housewives' Wildest & Most Embarrassing Sex Tales!
PerezHilton 1506049349

Multi-Million Dollar Powerball Winner Turns Out to Be a Creep
TheBlemish 1506048941

These Beloved TV Characters Were Actually Jerks
Zimbio 1506048811

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Taught Justin Trudeau That
It's Okay For Men To Be Feminists

DListed 1506048737

A History of Audrina Patridge and Corey
Bohan's Romantic Ups and Downs

E!Online 1506048218

4-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Kills Herself With Grandmother's
Gun While Searching For Candy

PerezHilton 1506048211

Audrina Patridge Claims Corey Bohan Violated Her
Restraining Order After Just ONE DAY!

PerezHilton 1506048110

Usher's Genital Herpes Accusers Make WILD Claims In
New Legal Documents -- Get The Scoop!

PerezHilton 1506047069

Jay-Z May Have Turned Down The Super Bowl
DListed 1506046491

Riverdale's K.J. Apa Involved in Car Accident: Report

E!Online 1506045779

TV Shows, Spas, Hotels! Gwyneth Paltrow Is
Taking Goop To The Next Level!

PerezHilton 1506045698

Niall Horan Is All Heartbroken & Blue In His
Too Much To Ask Music Video

PerezHilton 1506044598

Rachel Bilson Steps Out After Hayden Christensen Split
E!Online 1506044571

Candy Spelling Doesn't Want Tori To Pop Out Any More Kids
DListed 1506044102

Fergie Says She's "Doing Great" Amid Split From Josh Duhamel
E!Online 1506044035

Audrina Patridge Filed For Divorce And Wants A Restraining
Order Against Her Husband (UPDATE)

DListed 1506043951

Scandinavian Home Décor: How to Pull
of the Hot New HGTV Trend

E!Online 1506043917

Bella Hadid Just Broke the Rules With These White Pants

E!Online 1506043463

Katy Perry Kicks Off Witness Tour With Janet Jackson Throwback

E!Online 1506043381

Foo Fighters Prove James Corden Can't Drum In Carpool Karaoke & Have Choice Words For Justin Bieber Canceling His Purpose Tour!
PerezHilton 1506043362

Donald Trump Praises A Non-Existent African Country In Front Of A Room Of World Leaders -- Are We Really Surprised?
PerezHilton 1506043342

Audrina Patridge Files for Divorce From Corey Bohan
and Seeks Domestic Violence Restraining Order

E!Online 1506042862

Investigating J.R.R. Tolkien's Many Inspirations
While Writing 'The Hobbit'

Zimbio 1506042776

Brian Austin Green on His Marriage to Megan Fox:
"You Just Take It Day By Day"

E!Online 1506042742

Taylor Swift Will Die Once Again When She Sees These Kittens Dressed As The Different Look What You Made Me Do Taylors!
PerezHilton 1506042198

Alex Rodriguez Reacts to Jennifer Lopez "In Love" Quote
E!Online 1506042104

Audrina Patridge Says Corey Bohan Pushed Her While She
Held Their Baby -- Then Threatened Suicide!

PerezHilton 1506042091

Candy Spelling "Hopes" Tori Is Done Having Kids
E!Online 1506041599

Is Jay-Z Performing at 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show?
E!Online 1506041006

Gretchen Rossi Calls Tamra Judge a "Spin Doctor"
E!Online 1506040984

Macklemore & Kesha Are Timeless Lovers In The Super
Sweet Video For Good Old Days!

PerezHilton 1506040891

InTouch Weekly Says That Ben Affleck Was
Drinking At An Emmys Party

DListed 1506040515

Audrina Patridge Files for Divorce From Corey Bohan
E!Online 1506040363

The Hottest Stories Right Now!
PerezHilton 1506039838

South Park Skewers Donald Trump's Handling Of North Korea
AND Everyone Freaking Out Over His Tweets!

PerezHilton 1506039713

Fox & Friends Host Brian Kilmeade Responds After Jimmy
Kimmel Calls Him A 'Phony Little Creep'

PerezHilton 1506038583

Audrina Patridge & Corey Bohan Join The Long List
Of Couples To Break Up In 2017!

PerezHilton 1506038545

Olivia Newton-John Talks 2nd Breast Cancer Battle
E!Online 1506038507

Angelina Jolie Got Pissed Over Personal
Questions During An Interview

DListed 1506038131

Kim Kardashian Explains Crying Over Lost Earring
E!Online 1506037987

Heads Up, Basics! You Can Now Make ALL Your
Foods Pumpkin Spice Flavored!

PerezHilton 1506037412

“Let's be real: Colin Firth's best movie
is 'Bridget Jones' Diary'” links

CeleBitchy 1506036901

"The Arrangement": Why We Love Kygan
E!Online 1506036822

Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, & Kaia Gerber
Flaunt Dyed Bangs For Fendi's Fall Show!

PerezHilton 1506036198

Does Jennifer Lopez Think She Could Do "Shark Tank"?
E!Online 1506036117

J.Lo vs. Jenna: Who Would Win a Dance-Off?!
E!Online 1506036088

If You Are Sleeping on The Real Housewives of Dallas, Let This Epic (and Deadly) Midseason Tease Win You Over

E!Online 1506035605

Hot Slut Of The Day!
DListed 1506035579

Inside Hollywood's Search for Spirituality

E!Online 1506035512

Zayn Malik Says 'Being Straight Up' With People
Helped Him Cope With Anxiety!

PerezHilton 1506035052

Tracee Ellis Ross Talks Sex, Beauty and Inspiration
in Vogue's 73 Questions Video

E!Online 1506035040

Beyonce & JAY-Z To Headline Hurricane Relief Concert!
PerezHilton 1506034915

Priyanka Chopra: 'I feel like the word 'Bollywood'
has been reduced to a Zumba class'

CeleBitchy 1506034360

Audrina Patridge Files For Divorce From Corey Bohan
After Alleged Domestic Violence Incident

PerezHilton 1506033810

Us: Fergie & Josh DuhamelaEURtms friends 'have
been expecting a split for a while now'

CeleBitchy 1506033255

Scott Disick Gushes About Khloe Kardashian's BF Tristan Thompson: 'He's The First Nice, Normal Guy She's Ever Brought Home'
PerezHilton 1506032612

Total Bellas Recap: Nikki Bella Tries to Reclaim "Custody" of Her Dog Winston and Brie Bella Has a Baby Shower
E!Online 1506032567

Here's How Abby Lee Miller Will Be Spending
Her Birthday In Prison!

PerezHilton 1506032561

The Blacklist Premiere Sneak Peek: What Happens
Now That Red's Secret Is Out?

E!Online 1506032547

Olivia Newton-John Talks Second Fight With Breast Cancer on Today: "I'm Not Going to Be One of Those Statistics"

E!Online 1506032059

Melissa Joan Hart lamented her canceled vacation
because of Hurricane Maria

CeleBitchy 1506032036

Melissa Joan Hart Complained That Hurricane
Maria Ruined Her Vacation

DListed 1506032025

Nyle DiMarco Left Outraged After Oklahoma City
Cops Killed A Local Deaf Man

PerezHilton 1506031330

Justin Trudeau 'came out' as a feminist
because of Joseph Gordon Levitt

CeleBitchy 1506030902

Fake Black Woman Martina Big Is Also A ~Singer~! Watch The
Music Video For Her Big Big World Cover!

PerezHilton 1506030203

Chloe Grace Moretz & Brooklyn Beckham Exchange Cutesy
IG Shout Outs -- Just Like Old Times!

PerezHilton 1506030097

Kevin Hart's sex tape partner didn't know
video existed, does not want money

CeleBitchy 1506029730

MSNBC Anchor Lawrence O'Donnell Lost His Shit
DListed 1506029624

Fergie Calls Ex Josh Duhamel A 'Great Friend' While
Opening Up About 'Emotional' New Music

PerezHilton 1506029000

"America's Got Talent" Judges Weigh in on Show Winner
E!Online 1506028418

Gwyneth Paltrow's former private chef says
Gwyn & Chris Martin 'eat nothing'

CeleBitchy 1506028382

Darci Lynne Farmer Spills on "America's Got Talent" Win
E!Online 1506027893

America's Got Talent Winner Darci Lynne Farmer Has
Big (And Cute) Plans for Her Prize Money

E!Online 1506027848

Ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer Walks Away The
Winner Of America's Got Talent!

PerezHilton 1506027761

Demi Lovato Claps Back After Being Slammed For
Not Talking About Her Sexuality!!

PerezHilton 1506027749

Angelina Jolie 'lost her temper, got testy'
when asked about Brad in an interview

CeleBitchy 1506027179

Simple Plan and Perez!
PerezHilton 1506026613

Rachel Bilson Steps Out After Hayden Christensen Breakup

E!Online 1506025996

Andy Murray: 'Work ethic is the same whether
you are a man or a woman'

CeleBitchy 1506025942

James Corden and the Foo Fighters' Carpool Karaoke
Cover of "Never Gonna Give You Up" Is Epic

E!Online 1506025939

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen Split
E!Online 1506025506

5 Fall Wardrobe Staples You Should Seriously
Invest in Right Now

E!Online 1506025294

Prince William 'had a prickly relationship'
with his father, Will prefers the Queen

CeleBitchy 1506024929

Ben Stiller and Jimmy Fallon Fight for Fred Armisen's Love
and Lip Sync Each Other's Lines on Their Teen Drama

E!Online 1506024828

KUWTK Lost Earring Episode
E!Online 1506024792

Benedict Cumberbatch 'looked into' housing
refugees but decided against it

CeleBitchy 1506024733

Kevin Hart & Eniko Parrish's Lavish Lion King-Themed
Baby Shower Still On Amid Extortion Scandal!

PerezHilton 1506024139

Listen To This: Never Walk Away!
PerezHilton 1506023090

Jimmy Kimmel Doubles Down on Healthcare Bill Criticism
and Encourages Viewers to Call Their Senators

E!Online 1506022942

In Touch: Ben Affleck was drinking on Emmy's
night with Lindsay Shookus

CeleBitchy 1506022352

Mac x Nicki Minaj Nude Lipsticks Are Surprisingly Wearable

E!Online 1506022325

Jimmy Kimmel GOES OFF On Senator Bill Cassidy & Co. For Downplaying
His Health Care Bill Criticisms

PerezHilton 1506021707

Birthday Sluts
DListed 1506021340

Melania Trump wore an absurd dress to talk about
'bullying' at the United Nations

CeleBitchy 1506021306

Elsie Hewitt's lawyer: Elsie will donate civil
suit money to domestic violence charity

CeleBitchy 1506021298

How Abby Lee Miller Is Celebrating Her
First Birthday Behind Bars

E!Online 1506021281

Ariel WinteraEURtms mom: aEUR~I just want to see
her have respect for herselfaEURtm

CeleBitchy 1506021256

Donald Trump praises a completely fictitious
African country, Nambia, at the UN

CeleBitchy 1506018930

Gina Torres & Laurence Fishburne are divorcing,
she's already seeing another dude

CeleBitchy 1506018788

Olivia Munn had to pay her own way for Ocean's
Eight cameo: 'It cost me money'

CeleBitchy 1506018773

Margot Robbie in Brock Collection at the 'Christopher
Robin' premiere: twee or cute?

CeleBitchy 1506018769

RuPaul on if Madonna will be a judge on RuPaulaEURtms
Drag Race: 'I canaEURtmt saaay'

CeleBitchy 1506018746

Dean Unglert Reunites With Kristina Schulman Following
Bachelor in Paradise Love Triangle

E!Online 1506013967

Raise Your Hand If You're Pretty Sure Ozzy
Is Kai's Son on 'AHS: Cult'

Zimbio 1505999645

Gwyneth Paltrow's Crazy 'Strict' Diet Could
Top All These Other Celeb Regimens

PerezHilton 1505996604

Nikki Bella Plans Brie's Baby Shower
E!Online 1505996080

Nikki Bella Secretly Drops Winston Off at Her Parent's House
E!Online 1505996023

Eric & Jessie
E!Online 1505988877

Miley Cyrus Is the Nude Cover Model for David LaChapelle's New
Book, Doesn't Look Like a Teenaged Boy This Time

TheBlemish 1505988750

Dance Party FAIL!
PerezHilton 1505988283

"Eric & Jessie" Recap: Season 3 Episode 3
E!Online 1505988251

Inside Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's Strict Diet
E!Online 1505988140

It's Jessie James' Time to Shine on "Eric & Jessie"
E!Online 1505987638

Jessie James Decker Plans Sister's Baby Shower
E!Online 1505987620

"Total Bellas" Recap: Season 2 Episode 3
E!Online 1505987097

Candace Cameron Bure Says Intense Workout Schedule
Helps Her Get Through Her Busy Days

E!Online 1505986917

Janet Jackson & Jermaine Dupri Are NOT Back Together!
PerezHilton 1505986885

"Total Bellas" Nikki Bella & John Cena's Awkward Disagreement
E!Online 1505986395

And the Winner of America's Got Talent
Season 12 Is...

E!Online 1505986380

And the Big Brother Season 19 Winner Is...

E!Online 1505985728

Britney Spears and Mariah Carey’s Chance Run-In
Is a Pop Music Lover's Dream Come True

E!Online 1505985694

FYI: Ayesha Curry Is The Newest Face Of CoverGirl!
PerezHilton 1505983419

Janet Jackson Is "Not in a Position" to Start
Dating Again as She Continues Tour

E!Online 1505982753

Sexual & Offensive Messages Hidden In Disney Films
-- What's Dirty & What's Debunked?!

PerezHilton 1505982074

Six-Pack Mom Sarah Stage Dishes on Pregnancy
Cravings at Lavish Baby Shower

E!Online 1505981653

Home Decor Must-Haves Under $20, $60, $80 and $100

E!Online 1505981089

SHADY Paparazzi Move Gets Called The Fuck Out
By Detective Kim Kardashian!

PerezHilton 1505981028

Melissa Joan Hart Criticized for Complaining That
Hurricane Maria Ruined Her Family Vacation

E!Online 1505980895

Jennifer Lopez Dishes on A-Rod's Dance Moves
E!Online 1505980435

Inside Selena Gomez's Post-Kidney Transplant Recovery
E!Online 1505980381

Jessica Simpson Trips During Date Night With Hubby
E!Online 1505979906

Kardashians Reflect on 10 Years of "Keeping
Up With the Kardashians"

E!Online 1505979706

A Colorado Jogger Keeps Pooping in People's Front Yards

E!Online 1505979165

Keeping Up With the Kardashians at First
E!Online 1505978667

Laurence Fishburne and Gina Torres Split
E!Online 1505978502

Why Candace Cameron Bure Finds Working Out Important
E!Online 1505977947

Gwen Stefani Really Loves Shoes With
Blake Shelton's Face on Them

E!Online 1505977929

Six-Pack Mom Sarah Stage Reveals Pregnancy Cravings
E!Online 1505977423

Demi Lovato Doesn't "Owe Anybody" an Explanation
of Her Sexuality

E!Online 1505977408

What Is Scott Disick's Appeal?? A Warrning
To Kylie Jenner! AND...

PerezHilton 1505977352

Nerd Out Over These Brand New Photos From
'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

Zimbio 1505976875

Kaia Gerber's First New York Fashion Week Included
Burgers, Crystal Bodysuits and Puppies

E!Online 1505975520

HELL YES! Dark Sabrina The Teenage Witch Reboot In The
Works As Sister Show To CW's Riverdale!

PerezHilton 1505975073

Revenge Of The Nerds Star & NFL Player
Bernie Casey Dead At 78

PerezHilton 1505974954

The Internet Is Celebrating the Dad Bod
With the Dadbag Fanny Pack

E!Online 1505974479

Read the Speech Sterling K. Brown Didn't Get
to Finish Giving at the Emmys

E!Online 1505974391

Marlon Wayans' Social Media No-Nos
E!Online 1505973904

Lola Marsh - 'Wishing Girl' (Perez Hilton Performance)
PerezHilton 1505973860

Dramaaa -- Sofia Richie & Stylist Chloe Bartoli
Are FIGHTING Over Scott Disick!

PerezHilton 1505973860

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen's Romance Rewind Reminds
Us How Private (and in Love) They Once Were

E!Online 1505973691

Of Course Barbra Streisand Refused To Show Her
Bad Side At A Charity Telethon

DListed 1505973316

Here's How People Can Record Your Snapchats
With New iOS 11 Update Feature

E!Online 1505973279

HollywoodLife 1505972627

Salma Hayek Donates $100K to Mexico's Earthquake
Victims and Implores Fans to Help

E!Online 1505972543

The Good Place Primer: Everything You Need to
Remember Going Into the Season 2 Premiere

E!Online 1505971955

Meet Charles Melton: Get to Know Riverdale's New Reggie

E!Online 1505971468

Stranger Things Season 2!!! Plus Everything Else
Coming & Going On Netflix In October!

PerezHilton 1505971325

Gwyneth Paltrow Just Can't Stop Talking About The Goop Haters
DListed 1505970827

Ivanka Trump Threw Shade at a Baby on Twitter
TheBlemish 1505970775

Loredana Nesci Dead at Age 47: SundanceTV Reality Star and
Lawyer's Boyfriend Arrested on Suspicion of Murder

E!Online 1505970738

Harry Styles Kicks Off His Tour With Rainbow
Flag—and His Fans Love It

E!Online 1505970264

Britney Spears Cozies Up To Mariah Carey At
A Fab A-List Dinner Party!

PerezHilton 1505970186

Alert The Presses, Blac Chyna & Mechie Have Unfollowed Each
Other On Instagram -- Are They Done For Good?

PerezHilton 1505970072

Chrissy Teigen Awkwardly Corrects Ivanka Trump’s
Tweet—And It's Pure Internet Gold

E!Online 1505969632

Linda Hamilton Rejoins Arnold Schwarzenegger
in New 'Terminator' Flick

TheBlemish 1505969613

Here's Why Fergie and Josh Duhamel Went
Public With Their Split

E!Online 1505969093

After 7 Years, Sam Waterston Returns as Jack McCoy
for Law & Order: SVU Guest Role

E!Online 1505969086

Beyonce Laces Up Her Curves For A Night Out To See Aladdin!
PerezHilton 1505968951

Jennifer Lawrence's "Realness" Is A Real
Mile-High Pain In The Ass

DListed 1505968506

Janet Jackson 'Felt Like A Prisoner' During
Her Marriage To Wissam Al Mana

PerezHilton 1505967745

The First Trailer For The “Tomb Raider”
Reboot Is Here

DListed 1505967203

Ivanka Trump Has Inspired a $40K Plastic Surgery Trend

E!Online 1505967095

Olivia Munn Says She Paid For Her Cameo In "Ocean's Eight"
E!Online 1505966520

Dad Bod Fanny Packs Are A Thing & We're
Conflicted AF About It!

PerezHilton 1505966479

So Sorry Hurricane Maria Ruined Your Vacation, Melissa Joan Hart
PerezHilton 1505965446

Megyn Kelly Admits Donald Trump Influenced Her Decision To Leave
Fox News! See What She Had To Say On Ellen!

PerezHilton 1505965318

Kathy Griffin Got Cussed Out By A Neighbor
Over Noise Complaint

DListed 1505964931

Nicole Richie Clearly Doesn't Remember Shoplifting
Lipstick As Vividly As Kim Kardashian Does!

PerezHilton 1505964148

The Internet Calls BS On Melania Trump's Anti-Bullying
Speech At The UN!

PerezHilton 1505964114

Open Post: Hosted By DrunkMessica Simpson
DListed 1505963673

Halle Berry Robbed the Cradle for Her New Man
TheBlemish 1505963544

What's in Kelly Rowland's Makeup Bag?

E!Online 1505963016

Netflix's October 2017 Titles: What's New and What's Leaving?
Say Hello to Stranger Things Season 2

E!Online 1505962959

Plus-Size Blogger Claps Back At Meme Using Her Image For
Degradation -- See Her Awesome Response!

PerezHilton 1505962952

Bella Thorne Makes Diplo Regret Inventing EDM
TheBlemish 1505962439

Gwyneth Paltrow to Her Haters: ''If You Want to
F--k With Me, Bring Your A Game''

E!Online 1505962376

Rejoice, You Can Now Binge-Watch Every Episode of Will
& Grace
For the First Time Ever

E!Online 1505962314

Stars Stand With Mexico & Puerto Rico Amid Catastrophic
Earthquake and Hurricane Maria

E!Online 1505961904

So Many Couples Have Split This Year! Here Are
The Biggest Celeb Breakups Of 2017!

PerezHilton 1505961685

25 Things You May Not Know About 'The Last of the Mohicans'
Zimbio 1505961353

'Riverdale' Spin-Off 'Chilling Adventures
of Sabrina' Is in the Works

Zimbio 1505961210

The Woman In The Kevin Hart Extortion Video
Gave A Press Conference

DListed 1505961149

Rosie O'Donnell's Estranged Daughter Is Pregnant
E!Online 1505961111

Kevin Hart's Alleged "Victim" Speaks Out
E!Online 1505960617

The 'Jane Doe' In Usher's $20 Million Genital
Herpes Case Identifies Herself!

PerezHilton 1505960566

Taylor Swift Calls Fighting Her Former Selves The 'Trippiest Thing' In BTS Footage From Look What You Made Me Do Video!
PerezHilton 1505960545

Jada Pinkett Smith Denies She's a Scientologist
E!Online 1505960528

Jessie James Decker Brings Family to the Studio
E!Online 1505959929

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen Split After 10
Years: "They Are Officially Done"

E!Online 1505959925

How to Recreate Selena Gomez's Bold Lips

E!Online 1505959487

Netflix Removes Children's Cartoon After Viewers
Discover A PENIS In The Background!

PerezHilton 1505959325

Kirsten Dunst Accidentally Got Super High
While Filming 'Woodshock'

Zimbio 1505958933

Scat Fetishists Have Found Their Dream Girl In Colorado Springs
DListed 1505958818

Gwyneth Paltrow's Former Personal Chef Spills All
About The A-Lister's 'Very Strict' Diet!

PerezHilton 1505958111

Montia Sabbag Comes Forward as Woman in Kevin Hart
Recordings: "I'm Not an Extortionist"

E!Online 1505957637

Dancing With the Stars
E!Online 1505957044

German Woman Who Turned Herself 'Black' Was Actually On TV
Before -- See Martina Big's Appearance On Botched!

PerezHilton 1505957038

Cardi B Accuses NYPD Cop Of Putting Her In Choke Hold!
PerezHilton 1505956941

Lady Gaga's Movie Gives Fans Inside Look at Her Past
E!Online 1505956342

"Daily Pop" Hosts React to "RHOA" Season 10 Trailer!
E!Online 1505956318

The CW Is Bringing Back Sabrina the Teenage Witch
as a Horror Show and We’re So In

E!Online 1505955897

Tyga Dating Kim Kardashian Look-Alike -- Here Are 5
Things To Know About Kamilla Osman!

PerezHilton 1505955846

Jessica Simpson Nearly Takes a Tumble After Night
Out for Eric Johnson's Birthday

E!Online 1505955721

Celebrity Chef Dishes on Cooking for Former Famous Couples
Like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

E!Online 1505955227

Laurence Fishburne's Wife Gina Torres Photographed
Kissing Mystery Man

E!Online 1505955154

Halle Berry Went Instagram Official With Her New Boyfriend
DListed 1505955146

Halle Berry Takes Relationship With Alex Da Kid Public
E!Online 1505954685

Halle Berry Spotted on Romantic Date With
New Boyfriend Alex Da Kid

E!Online 1505954636

New Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle Trailer Teases Deadly
Snakes, Exploding Cake, & Nick Jonas! Watch!

PerezHilton 1505954601